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Build Out Update

Hello all! This is my latest update on what's going on with The Kids Clubhouse.  If you haven't seen my latest video post on can check it out here ->
Facebook Update Video

Today, I spent a few hours in the space trying to clean and organize before the build out begins.  I've received the first proposal from my general contractor and now I'm waiting for the second contractor proposal to come in.  As soon as I get the 2nd proposal, we (my husband and I) will make the decision on who to hire and then get started!! This is such an exciting time because I can finally see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.  So if everything keeps going as planned, we will start construction for the build out in 2-3 weeks.  Construction time is estimated at 10-12 weeks...granted nothing goes wrong during construction (crossing my fingers!).

There are quite a few things to get done before TKC can open to the public. Besides the bathroom build, the play structures need to be completed, walls need to be painted, flooring needs to be laid, gates surrounding the toddler area, eating area and front entrance need to be installed, etc.  Lots of work to do but I have exceptional people working tirelessly to get it done. Today, I did a few little things in the mini town to cute-up the buildings. Here's a few pics:

The mini town Bakery now has flowers in the flower boxes

Mini town theater now has a "Now Showing" sign with the movies that will play throughout the day

The Diner now has 2 diner booths for double the fun

We will have a gated eating area and guests will be able to bring in food and beverages to enjoy

Street Fighter arcade game will go inside the gamers lounge. Its a fun, free game that our gamer guests will love. Also planning on getting the Galaga version and PacMan!


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