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The latest update on The Kids Clubhouse

Once I started the Pop Up site for The Kids Clubhouse, I neglected posting on the blog.  Getting the Pop Up up and running for kids was a top priority.  I was hoping once it was running smoothly, I could focus on the #1 priority...opening The Kids Clubhouse actual location.  Fast forward 4 months later and where are we now in this project??  Well, there's a lot to tell.  Here's my condensed version of what's going on with The Kids Clubhouse.

As you know, our space at The River @ Rancho Mirage was set and ready to go for our build out.     8,000 sq ft of big, beautiful space on the 2nd floor of The River.  We were waiting (and waiting and waiting!) to get the green light from the Rancho Mirage City Planner.  After almost 3 months of wondering what was going on with the build out approval, my architect delivered the worst news he could give me.  The City of Rancho Mirage could NOT approve the build out! What!?!?  Yes, unfortunately our original plans for a 2nd floor Indoor P…