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Demo Update and New Clubhouse Residents :-)

It's been about a week and a half since my last visit to check on the progress of the demo.  What a difference a week makes!  All of the walls that were separating the 3 spaces are now gone. I can see from one side, straight through to the end of 8,000 sq ft. There's still quite a bit left for the crew to take down but the schedule seems to be on track. About 1-2 more weeks and we should be golden!

Another little bit of exciting progress is that we will be taking in 5 new "residents". We're now expecting Elephant, Monkey, Panda, Unicorn and Dog ride-on animals to be permanent residents at The Kids Clubhouse for all our little customers to enjoy. Mom or Dad will even be able to ride with their child. But no need to worry about extra costs (like at the mall), the use of the ride-on animals will be included in the Open Play admission fee.

Playground equipment rolling in

I went to The River yesterday afternoon to see how far along the demo is.  It looks like a war zone in there but the walls and office rooms in the first space are now gone!  I wasn't able to snap any pictures because the demo crew was done for the day by the time I got there.  But, the manufacturer of my playground equipment emailed me to let me know that the production of my soft play carousel and mini town airplane is completed!!  They look fantastic...I can't wait for them to be put into the space.