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Demo has begun

I went to The River this morning to check on the demo progress.  The last 2 days of demo has consisted of tearing down the drop ceiling, T bars, insulation, lighting and anything else that's up there that isn't being reused.  No walls being taken down yet but they did remove the inside doors that were previously used as doors to offices.  I'll be checking back in the next 2-3 days. Crossing my fingers that demo will be done a bit earlier than the 3 weeks they gave me.

The Day Before Demo

The space where The Kids Clubhouse will be built is currently 3 adjoining office suites on the 2nd floor of The River.  The 3 suites total approximately 8,000 sq ft.  Before my designer and contractor can do their magic, The River owners will be demo-ing the old office suites and delivering it to me in "vanilla shell condition". Demo starts today (Wednesday 4/25/18) and will take approx 3 weeks. Here's a peek of the before-demo suites that I snapped yesterday:

The Kids Clubhouse Blog

Starting an indoor playground has been a dream of mine for many, many years.  My kids, Jason (13) and Gracie (12) were still toddlers when I took them to their first indoor playground in Los Angeles.  I thought "Wow! This place is the greatest thing ever. If only we had something like this in the desert".  But it never happened. Now, after being in La Quinta/Indio for almost 17 years, I've decided that I would be the person to make it happen...and I want to make it happen BIG! 

I am beyond blessed to have a husband that supports me 110%. We have been searching for months for the perfect location for the Coachella Valley's premier Indoor PlayLand and Gamers Lounge. We found the perfect spot at The River @ Rancho Mirage. So this blog is the start of my journaling of progress to the ultimate goal of Grand Opening Day.